Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cambridge School of Art

In early 2014, I moved to England and reside in Cambridge. Shortly after that, I began hunting for a job. I updated my CV and portfolio, made a cover letter etc, until one day I found the Master Course in Children's Book Illustration in Cambridge School of Art. The course's duration is one and a half year - which is unusual, because most of the master courses in the UK are designed to be completed in one year period. 

After much thought and careful consideration, I decided to apply. I was called for an interview and presented my portfolio, and after a few sleepless weeks, I got the result: I was accepted!!! 

In the first few weeks, we had an intensive training in observational drawing. Students were encouraged to make sketches and drawings based on what they see while drawing based on memory should be avoided. I did the drawings mostly at the outdoor public spaces such as the market, campus, shopping centres, streets, and parks. It was early winter, and I found it was very challenging to do the outdoor drawing in such a cold weather. 
Here are some drawings I did on the first week:

My first drawings 

Students received feedbacks from the tutors weekly, and by the end of this first module, each student had to do a short presentation about their progress and development. It was amazing to see how much improvement everyone could make in a relatively short period of time. Here are some of my drawings after the six weeks training:

My drawings after few weeks of training.

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